From Kerala to Mumbai, a medical staff made of doctors and nurses to fight COVID-19

A team of 50 doctors and 100 nurses arrived in Mumbai from Kerala in order to support colleagues of that region to win the battle against COVID-19. This invisible enemy has to be defeated no matter what.

A medical staff composed of 50 doctors and 100 nurses left Kerala to reach their colleagues in Mumbai. The team has been sent there to enhance the efforts in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 in the city, following a request from the Maharashtra government.

Doctors and nurses against COVID-19: the mission in Mumbai

Maharashtra Directorate of Medical Education & Research had required Kerala’s assistance in the management of COVID cases in Mumbai. The request was for 50 experienced doctors and 100 nurses.

The Director of Medical Education & Research, Maharashtra, Dr T P Lahane, in a letter to Kerala’s Health Minister KK Shailaja, had requested expert doctors and nurses for managing the 600-bed dedicated COVID-19 center being set up at Mumbai’s Mahalakshmi Race Course.

With a tweet, Kerala’s Finance Minister Thomas Isaac said that a 100-member team of doctors and nurses from Kerala led by Dr SS Santhosh Kumar, deputy superintendent of Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital, has reached Mumbai.

Their very first mission will be the organization of 600 beds and 150 ICU beds in two days. However, as Dr Santhosh Kumar declared on Facebook, they will need even more practitioners, like anaesthetists, intensivists and physicians.


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Maharashtra Directorate of Medical Education & Research




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