Managing maxi civil protection emergencies: Seraman at Emergency Expo

Seraman, an Italian company that offers a wide range of equipment for Civil Protection and various other operational areas, has its own stand at Emergency Expo

The virtual fair, online 24 hours a day, set up by the Roberts communication and marketing studio, offers its visitors the chance to learn more about indispensable and precious products for managing maxi emergencies.

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Among the many brands and articles proposed by Seraman, two seemed particularly useful and interesting:

Disc-O-Bed by Seraman

It is, no doubt, an exceptional quality maxi emergency bed.

Modular, ultra-light, in the extra-large version, it really becomes a great solution for giving comfort to guests while remaining compact enough to be placed under a bed or in any wardrobe.

For those who work in civil protection, saving storage space is a godsend.

The characteristics of the Disc-O-Bed L are:

  • wider and longer than a standard cot but still stackable to save space
  • frame with rounded edges to avoid damaging the floor
  • no hinges, no sharp parts, no bars under the back
  • Beige, painted, rustproof steel frame
  • Fabric Black 600D polyester, PVC

Seraman offers Armadillo Merino® products

Armadillo Merino® designs, produces, and sells protective clothing for the skin as the extraordinary performance properties of merino wool.

The Armadillo Merino fabric (Anti Static, Flame Resistant, UV Protection, Thermo Regulating, Resistance, Moisture Management, Anti Odour, Natural Elasticity, Softness) allows you to live and work in the tricky moments of an intervention in the best personal conditions.



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