Thermal imaging in emergency and rescue: everything you need to know at the Flir stand at Emergency Expo

The thermal imaging camera has become an essential tool in search and rescue operations

It is clearly the case for the Fire Brigade, which can use thermal imaging to identify victims to be rescued in a fire, but also for those working in the search for missing persons through the increasingly widespread use of drones and helicopters.

Role and function of thermal imaging and thermography in emergency rescue

Thermography essentially records the infrared radiation emitted by both objects and bodies when struck by light.

Thermal imaging cameras, first, were developed for military applications and are still widely used in this field today. But, subsequently, the areas of application have multiplied, ranging from medical diagnostics to the search for missing persons, industrial plant control and more.


The thermography development has gone hand in hand with the success of Teledyne Flir: a company that, to date, produces and markets other interesting products for emergency and rescue workers, such as the radiation detector.

Flir has chosen to set up its stand at Emergency Expo, Roberts’ online virtual fair. Here you can learn more about these innovative but now indispensable safety devices.


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