Remote Area Combat First Aid Course in Italy: the first Tacmed AREMT event in Italy will be in Milan, 17-18th February

Italy will host the first RACFA event, in Milan. Created in partnership between Omnia, AREMT and Auriex, an european panel of trainers will  partecipate to the first international faculty that will ensure the highest standards in the certification for Tactical Medical programs.

The faculty will be based in Europe and will handle worldwide certification for tactical medical operators as well as tactical medical instructors for AREMT. The first aid medical basis for the certification will be the guidelines of the internationally recognized Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CTCCC).

Dr.Philippe Heerinckx, Emergency Physician registered in Belgium, has been appointed as medical director of the faculty, further enhancing the credibility and quality supervision of the controlled medical procedures.

Combat first aid training: AREMT, Omnia and A26229309_2263395477011356_2214898468201872728_nuriex explains how to provide it in remote areas or diffcult context

The first event of this faculty will be held in Italy, in a 2 days of training in Milan, thanks to the Omnia Secura Servizi Company. During the training there will be different argoument covered by the trainers: massive bleeding control will be one of the most important themes, but also the tactical approach to the patient will be discussed with skilled professionals and trainers.

The new faculty brings certification to Europe allowing police, security and commercial organizations wishing to implement tactical medical protocols to do so based on European standards, monitored by a European medical professional through an EU based specialized organization duly certified by AREMT.


Training by Omnia, Auriex and AREMT in first aid

Tactical Medical Training Programs will be organized by the faculty via its certified training centers, offering participants to become operators (users) and subsequently instructors. Candidates are selected on the basis of strict, faculty approved criteria and are certified upon completion of the training program to the highest standards in the tactical medical field.

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The task force members

Ron Gui is the AREMT head of faculty and is in charge of the final certification process. He is head of administration and leads the faculty according to the rules and transcripts of AREMT. He is the focal point of the faculty and leads the way forward on enhancing AREMT TacMed Fact. Recognition.

Auriex sprl, under the supervision of Maxime Fuentes and Krisztian Zerkwoitz provide the operational and training assessment for new certifications. They validate all incoming information on programs or operators that wish to be certified.
They are the assessors for all final certification stages of all programs with the AREMT TacMed faculty certification.

Ronny Jannssens is the lead TacMed – Medical advisor for the faculty. He will provide input on protocols, changes and specialist updates through different governmental proposals as well as the CoTCCC.

Dr. Philippe Heerinckx is the medical advisor for the faculty and ensures that all medical procedures that are approved by the faculty are according to the best practice with the field of medicine. He also supervises the activity of the members of the faculty and of course provides the necessary back up for any innovation and technique refinement. He is NOT responsible for any acts of third parties certified, as each certified body will require their own medical doctor for supervision.

Vincenzo Vanni operates as assessor for Tactical Medical programs that have been approved by the AREMT TacMed faculty. He provides final go- or no go for programs and operators that have been approved by Auriex and then have done their necessary training with AREMT for certification Vincenzo is also the AREMT TacMed flight medic specialist.



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