To this 2021 marked by distancing and limited social interaction, Spencer responds by inaugurating the Virtual Booth

The traditional communication channels used by companies in the medical and emergency sector have been put to the test by the Covid19 phenomenon. Spencer, launching the Virtual Booth, provided to distributors, clients and 118 emergency responders a useful and interactive training information tool: the virtual booth.

Trade fairs and congresses, the traditional lifebloods of knowledge and updating, have naturally been skipped, being reduced, despite themselves, to a series of webinars. A huge loss for everyone.

But some companies have said no. No to the crisis, to negativity, to the interruption of dialogue and hugs with their usual partners.

And they relaunched with a yes to knowledge, to the re-appropriation of places and gestures, to new dissemination of knowledge.

One of the main protagonists is Spencer, who has chosen to make its Virtual Booth available to 118 emergency services and clients.

The Virtual Booth is an innovative instrument, created to facilitate the operators’ work who live the battle of emergency rescue, helping them to intervene quickly and safely, with the most suitable equipment.

The restrictions of a colourful Italy, necessary to protect the health of a hard-hit population, can, therefore, be overcome by the technology of this smart and virtual age.

The creation of full virtual, dynamic and interactive exhibition booth, which can guarantee individual safety against the Covid-19, can facilitate training and knowledge of materials while supporting healthcare companies, operators and patients.

Let’s talk about Virtual Booth: what does the platform created by Spencer actually offer?

It opens, virtually, the company’s doors, offering an overview of the available articles, each described, detailed and linked to images or videos, for giving visitors the possibility to go deeper in what they are interested in.

The fact that the visitor is not physically present inside the structure does not constitute a limitation because of the attention to detail.

The 3D graphics and the accurate creation of the virtual stand as a whole, make the online visit extremely pleasant and complete, leaving the users free to navigate as they please through the different product categories and models available.

About A Virtual Booth:

What items can we found on this innovative exhibition stand? These are some of the salient product categories offered by the company with articles that are the pride of Spencer:

Transport systems 

Immobilization devices 

– Resuscitation equipment 

– Suction units 

Bags and backpacks 

– Oxygen therapy devices 

– Diagnostic instruments and more

On the one hand, it will be possible to know, deeply, the microcosm of the ambulance, the characteristics and qualities of each type of stretcher or ventilator and, on the other hand, to benefit from the assistance that Spencer’s staff and area managers offer to those who use the Virtual Booth.

An initiative for embracing the “twin” and equally “virtual” Spencer Experience Centre, through which it is possible to dialogue directly with technicians and experts, visiting together with the exhibition space of the company of Sala Baganza.

Two complete tours made available by the new Spencer by Borromin, to reaffirm the company’s vocation to continuously search for new ideas for improvement and progress in the rescue devices field of emergency situations.


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