COVID-19 in Nigeria, President Buhari warns: we cannot afford a second wave

COVID-19, the second wave is not only a phenomenon that concerns European countries like Spain, France, Great Britain, or Italy, but also African nations like Nigeria.

COVID-19 in Nigeria, the statements of the president:

Recently President Muhammadu Buhari warned his countrymen using very clear tones: Nigeria would not be able to sustain a second wave of coronavirus, so it is their responsibility to do everything possible to avoid it.

President Buhari wrote on Twitter, in his official handle, @MBuhari, saying: “Looking at the trends in other countries, we must do everything possible to avoid the second wave of Covid-19 in Nigeria.

We must make sure that our cases, which have gone down, do not get up. Our economy is too fragile to withstand another round of blockade”.

Nigeria, the numbers on the coronavirus epidemic

In terms of numbers, Africa is more virtuous than Europe in containing the COVID-19 epidemic, perhaps due to a greater habit of facing problems linked to the spread of viruses (Ebola above all, a battle that lasted years).

Nevertheless, the figures are also serious in Nigeria: the WHO reports that there are 62,224 Nigerians covid+, and unfortunately 1,135 deaths.

However, 57,916 of the president’s compatriots have been cured of the coronavirus.

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