COVID-19 in the US: FDA issued an emergency authorization to use Remdesivir to treat coronavirus patients

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a letter in order to authorize the use of the anti-viral Remdesivir drug to treat COVID-19 disease (coronavirus). This is the new element on which the scientific – and economic – communities are discussing.


Remdesivir and Coronavirus, its efficacy in the fight against COVID-19 according to FDA

Basically, the FDA justifies the decision by stating that, in the absence of a proper vaccine, Remdesivir has more efficacy than risks or problems for the coronavirus patients treated.

The scientific representatives of the White House believe that this drug accelerates the healing of treated patients and reduces the mortality rate.

In other words, it is not the remedy of ​​all illnesses but has a satisfactory percentage of successes in the absence of a dedicated and decisive drug.

Remdesivir, Europe’s attention to this anti-COVID-19 drug highlighted by FDA

On the other hand, European agencies also look with attention at Remdesivir, recommending it for the careful use of it in COVID-19 patients treatment.

A promising future for us, too? Difficult to say. But it is surely positive that the scientific community has identified in a few weeks a mix of drugs (let us think about the use of chloroquine) that demonstrates efficacy against coronavirus.


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