University of Yucatan underlines the importance to "think positive" during COVID-19 pandemic

Taking care of ourself and supporting others can make us feeling better. The Psychology Department of the Autonomous Univeristy of Yucatan underlines how important is to think positive during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to better face social distancing and respecting others.


Ricardo Castillo Ayuso explains how to think thinpositive can influence our perception of COVID-19 pandemic

Supporting others and taking care of ourselves helps us to feel better, optimistic and safe, to face the social distancing that is carried out to avoid Covid-19 infections, the specialist Ricardo Castillo Ayuso, of the Psychology Department of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán – UADY) explained.

The expert also is the coordinator of the Psicología Clínica para Adultos de la Maestría en Psicología Aplicada. He indicated that, during this phase, people have various ways of dealing with the situation, including fear and anxiety. This is due to the threat of disease, as well as the impact on health and economy.

“Fear”, he said, leads to thinking about pessimistic things about the future, deep sadness, despair, pain from losses and anticipation of negative things. But by comparing these feelings, we can start planning and taking action to recover.

On the other hand, he also assumed that the optimistic mood helps to organize and implement better solutions to go on and not fall into a apathic state.


Think positive to influence your way to see life (and COVID-19 pandemic)

“When we think positive we can find the many ways to go forward. For example, we can think that the future will improve later with our effort and with the help. Feeling and acting better for ourselves and those around us, will surely increase our creativity “, Dr Castillo Ayuso added.

“The opposite happens when we think catastrophically”, he said. “We stop our efforts and stop supporting our loved ones.”

People can change pessimistic feelings when they come to memory and remember stories of solved problems and experiences in surviving adversity. “Even though we have experienced some negative episodes, we are still here,” he said.

In these moments lived all over the world, Dr Castillo Ayuso said that serenity helps to make fewer mistakes, facilitating perseverance in reaching difficult goals which, due to their importance, must be achieved regardless of the fact that the results will appear soon. or not.

Dr Castillo Ayuso recommended planning self-care strategies to feel better physically and mentally, as well as practicing creative exploration and altruism with those around us, regardless of whether they come from our families or not.




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