Dramatic fire in USA: firefighters saved by a whisker

A helmet cam worn by a firefighter from Boise, Idaho, captures all the drama of a night-time operation. As a house burns, the emergency team tries to get into the building while colleagues on the outside attempt to douse the flames. Exciting moments, with the firefighters wearing masks and using breathing apparatus, the sound track of the video re-creating for us the claustrophobia of the scene, and the firefighter’s breathing marking the duration of the operation.

The firefighters move through smoke, tongues of fire and sparks coming at them from all directions. The radio interrupts the crackling of the flames with precise and authoritative orders. All the professionalism and generosity of the firefighters, who do not hold back from throwing themselves into the midst of the fire, shines through. A sudden shout is heard: “Everyone out!” The fire has attacked the wooden frame of the house, which is about to collapse. In just a few seconds the building falls in, but the team of firefighters, albeit enveloped in smoke and debris, has miraculously succeeded in getting out of the burning house safely.



In the second video the scene has been filmed on a camera mounted on one of the vehicles used by the Firefighters of Boise.


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