EU / Ema gives green light for emergency use of Merck's anti-Covid drug

Emergency use of Merck’s anti-Covid drug: European Agency’s decision following UK green light

Covid in Europe, green light for use by Merck

The timing of the Ema’s green light for Merck’s oral anti-Covid drug Molnupiravir, which was authorised in the UK today, “is not foreseeable, but we are prepared to provide assistance to states that wish to give the green light for emergency use prior to EU authorisation”.

Merck: press conference by Marco Cavaleri, head of vaccines at the European Medicines Agency (Ema)

“The epidemiological situation of Covid in Europe is very worrying,’ Cavaleri added, ‘so it is of absolute importance that everyone gets vaccinated, because no one is protected until everyone is protected.

All precautions must be followed carefully.

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