Health Security: A Crucial Debate

At the Senate, Focus on Violence Against Healthcare Workers

A Significant Conference

On March 5, the Senate of the Italian Republic hosted a conference of great importance dedicated to “Violence against Healthcare Workers“. This event, organized by Dr. Fausto D’Agostino and Senate Vice President Mariolina Castellone, attracted the attention of a wide audience and experts from the sector from all over Italy. The debate offered significant insights into the dynamics and solutions related to the safety of healthcare workers, an increasingly pressing issue in our societies.

Innovation and Awareness

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation of the short film “Confronti – Violence against Healthcare Worker“, a project aimed at raising awareness about a widespread yet underestimated issue. The participation of actor Massimo Lopez as the narrator further enriched the event, emphasizing the importance of art as a means of communication and social awareness.

Here is the link to watch the short film

An Open and Constructive Debate

The conference saw the participation of prominent figures in the Italian medical and institutional panorama, including Nino Cartabellotta from the Gimbe Foundation and Filippo Anelli, president of Fnomceo. The testimonies and analyses presented highlighted the complexity of violence against healthcare workers, suggesting strategies for a concrete improvement of the situation. The presence of Lino Banfi, a well-known actor and symbol of empathetic and direct communication, added significant value to the discussion, reminding us that respect and understanding are fundamental in the relationship between healthcare workers and patients.

Towards Effective Solutions

The conference emphasized the urgency of adopting concrete measures to protect healthcare personnel, both by strengthening existing regulations and by promoting a culture of respect and collaboration. The intervention of Dr. Roberto Garofoli, albeit absent, reinforced the message of the meeting, highlighting recent legislative advancements to protect healthcare workers. The road ahead is still long, but initiatives like this conference represent a significant step towards building a safer and more respectful working environment for all healthcare workers.


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