Italian Red Cross on the Front Line in the Fight Against Violence Against Women

A Constant Commitment to Cultural Change and the Protection of Women

The Alarming Phenomenon of Violence Against Women

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, established by the United Nations, sheds light on a disturbing reality: 107 women killed since the beginning of the year, victims of domestic violence. This tragic and unacceptable figure highlights the urgency of a profound cultural change, in a world where 1 in 3 women suffer violence and only 14% of victims report the abuse.

Role of the Italian Red Cross

Today, the Italian Red Cross (ICRC) joins the global call to combat violence against women. The organization, with the support of its President Valastro, stresses the importance of collective responsibility in combating this phenomenon. The CRI, through its anti-violence centers and counters distributed throughout the country, offers vital support to women who have been abused.

Support and Assistance to Women in Difficulty

CRI centers are crucial anchor points for women victims of violence. These safe places provide psychological, health, legal and economic assistance and are essential in guiding women through pathways of reporting and self-determination. The organization plays a key role in offering help and protection, demonstrating that combating gender-based violence is everyone’s duty.

Education and Outreach

CRI devotes significant resources to educational initiatives, especially aimed at youth, to promote gender equality and positive growth as agents of change in the community. In the 2022/2023 school year alone, more than 24 thousand students were involved in educational activities with the goal of fostering their awareness and commitment against violence against women.

Fundraising to Support Women Volunteers

CRI recently launched a fundraising effort to support the volunteers and volunteers who work tirelessly in the territories to assist women most in need. This fundraising effort aims to strengthen the support network and ensure that the necessary resources are available to continue this crucial battle.

A Shared Commitment for a Future Without Violence

The fight against violence against women requires a constant and united commitment from all members of society. The example of the Italian Red Cross demonstrates that through education, support and awareness raising, it is possible to bring about cultural change and ensure a safe and violence-free future for all women.




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