Theoretical Practical Emergency-Urgency Congress, A Memorable Event

Innovation and Comparison at the Center of the Emergency-Urgency Theoretical-Practical Congress in Bari, Italy

The two-day Emergency-Urgency Theoretical-Practical Congress has just concluded at the Hi Hotel in Bari, Italy, putting under a magnifying glass a number of issues to which physicians are subjected, transforming the Apulian capital into a hub of innovation and medical knowledge with an emphasis on problems and their resolution.

The conference organized under the aegis of Dr. Fausto D’Agostino, renowned resuscitative anesthesiologist at the Campus Bio-Medico in Rome and president of the International Training Center American Heart Association set out to be a showcase of excellence and innovative spirit in the field of emergency medicine and for this two-day event catalyzed the attention of more than two hundred physicians from all over the region.

The congress opened with a video-message by singer Al Bano Carrisi in the role of testimonial. The synergy between celebrity and medical professionalism promises to draw attention far beyond the medical community, touching the heart of civil society.

The event divided into two intense days saw the first dedicated to lectures and discussions on the latest innovations and challenges in the emergency sector, while the second day offered participants a unique hands-on experience. Through the use of advanced simulation technologies, professionals had the opportunity to hone their skills in extremely realistic clinical scenarios.

Journalist Vincenzo Magistà moderated the opening session, welcoming distinguished figures from the national political and healthcare scene. Prominent among them were names such as Mariolina Castellone, vice president of the Senate of the Republic; Rocco Palese, councillor for Health of the Apulia Region; Giovanni Migliore, general director of the Bari Polyclinic; Dr. Filippo Anelli president of the National Order of Physicians; Prof. Angelo Vacca, coordinator of the Bari School of Specialization in Emergency-Energy Medicine; and Prof. Vito Marco Ranieri ordinary professor of Anesthesia and Resuscitation, and all in a loud voice emphasized the role of the doctor on the front line, of the continuous efforts made on a daily basis recalling those during the Covid emergency, there was talk of safety, overcrowding of emergency rooms and how the government is organizing to close the budget law to an increase in funds to the National Health.

Dr. Fausto D’Agostino confirming his reputation as a point of reference for medical education, an outstanding faculty of national and international experts in the fields of anesthesia, resuscitation and emergency-emergency attended.

The event was an unmissable opportunity for all professionals in the field, providing fertile ground for discussion, professional updating and the development of new skills. With a rich and varied program, the Emergency-Urgency Theoretical-Practical Congress is confirmed as a crucial event for the future of emergency medicine in Italy.

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