Benefits and Negative aspects of Medicare

What are the pros and cons of Medicare? The debate affects the US fro some years

The debate about the type of healthcare that should be available to every US citizen will not be resolved anytime soon. Many people had hoped that Obama care and Medicare were the solutions but these only put paper over the cracks. New President Donald Trump wants to abolish Obama care completely and replace it with a new policy. In this article, I look at the pros along with the cons of the current medicare system and what can be done to make it great again.

Medicare Benefits

The main benefit of Medicare is that it provides cover for those that are most in need and would not have had otherwise. It has greatly helped the millions of adults in later life get the treatment and care they need. It has also improved the lives of young Americans who suffer from disabilities as it has enabled them to be able to get the treatment they need thanks to Medicare.

If a new policy is introduced it must continue to protect these vulnerable people. Without some form of affordable care, it would lead to a major crisis and see the USA death rate spike. Healthcare would end up being a thing only rich people can afford and the country is already the most unequal it has been. It would cause an uproar in the United States and is likely to be included in any new policy due to the devastating effects it would have if not.

Another major benefit of Medicare is the amount it costs the general public. On average the amount paid per month is around $134 which provides big savings. Without access to cheap cover it would mean thousands going without operations they need due to not been able to afford them.

Medicare Negative Aspects

One of the major problems with Medicare is the amount it costs to administer. It accounts for around 15% of the total US budget and is growing each year. It is taking money away from other vital projects that could also have a great impact on society such as schools, poverty, and drug addiction. Something needs to be changed so that it provides a more efficient and streamlined process so that it can reduce costs along with speeding up the service.

There are many different problems that need to be resolved with Medicare such as the cost of hospitals. These are costing fortunes even for patients that are in Medicare. This is due to a supply and demand question that needs to be resolved to provide equal rights to a bed at reasonable rates.

The biggest question that needs still to be answered is what is the best and most efficient way of providing every American with good healthcare. Drug companies are using the patient law to monopolize the marketplace which is increasing the amount everyone has to pay. Unless action is taken to help to drive down the cost of care along with providing a more effective administration process. the same problems will arise no matter what policy is put in place.



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Author: Hawthorne John

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