COVID-19 in Kosovo: Italian soldiers help sanitizing a school

COVID-19 in Kosovo – A team of specialists of the Italian army completed yesterday the sanitation of the elementary school ‘Svetozar Markovic’ in Velika Hoca, in the municipality of Orahovac.

Thanks to the sanitation of the Italian soldiers, the Svetozar Markovic school will be able to be reopened in compliance with the regulations against COVID-19 in Kosovo.

COVID-19 in Kosovo: cooperation at the base of the strength

Thus, in a note, the Nato Kfor mission reported that nine classrooms – one of them used as a nursery school – and all common areas were disinfected with nebulizers and active substances shortly before the new school year respecting COVID-19 prevention measures. The project – reports the note – was started by the Austrian linking and monitoring team operating in the area and was carried out by the Italian soldiers of the 5th regiment, all belonging to the Kfor West Regional Command.

Through its Civil-Military Cooperation team, in the last two months, the Italian-led Kfor Command has carried out five assistance projects in favour of all communities living in the western region of Kosovo, with particular attention to education and health.

COVID-19 in Kosovo: since the outbreak of the pandemic, Operation Nato- concludes the note- has contributed impartially to the local response to coronavirus through a series of actions in support of institutions in Kosovo, including the provision of personal protection equipment and facilitation of assistance by allied and partner countries.




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