Kiev, VK System presented an 'amphibious ambulance' for Medevac operations

VK System, based in Vasylkiv (Ukraine) presented an amphibious armoured vehicle prepared for medical evacuation missions (Medevac) at the Arms and Security exhibition, held in Kiev from 15 to 18 June

Amphibious ambulance for medevac operations: features

The new vehicle appears to be an amphibious ambulance variant of the MT-LB family of multi-purpose, fully amphibious armoured vehicles.

The medevac vehicle is based on upgraded MT-LBu chassis and designed to transport up to four severely injured and eight lightly injured personnel, in addition to medical staff.

Based on the standard version of an MT-LBu, the rear seats of the vehicle normally used by troops were replaced with two or four stretchers along both sides. Medical equipment and supplies were transported in internal storage boxes.

The hull of the transporter was redesigned to speed up the loading and unloading of casualties and the comfort of medical personnel.


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