Malteser International is back, after COVID-19 lockdown, the heart-wish ambulance can fulfill incurably people's desires again

COVID-19 forced Malteser International heart-wish ambulance to avoid non-urgent transportations. Before the lockdown, they were fulfilling many incurably ill people desires, and now they’re back.

The mission of the Malteser heart-wish ambulance started around 15 years ago and its aim was to give new hope and a little bit of serenity to heavily ill people.

Incurably ill people and their desires, the Malteser International heart-wish ambulance

Ms P. is a very ill woman. She is suffering from lung cancer which is impeding her in doing many normal activities. Such as travelling. Her desire is to get back to her childhood and her hometown in Regen.

Thanks to a special sanitization and a very accurate hygiene concept, the two volunteers of the Malteser heart-wish ambulance managed to provide the dispatch.

Even if this is not a very long distance, it was only about half an hour away from the nursing home in Niederalteich, but for Ms P. it is an insurmountable distance without the Malteser ambulance.

Thanks to this specially equipped heart-wish ambulance could still not be provided, the journey took place in a classic ambulance.


The Malteser International and its humanitarian mission

It is a non-governmental aid agency developed in 2005, which takes care of humanitarian aid. Malteser International ambulances belong to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

It is part of the foreign aid service of Malteser Germany and obtained the status of an “independent eingetragener Verein” since 2013, with deep experience in humanitarian relief.



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Reference on the Malteser heart-wish ambulance

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