COVID-19 not an occupational risk: the ICN asks for more consideration for both nurses and patients safety

Ten per cent of COVID-19 case are nurses, however, according to the International Council of Nurses, governments are not prioritizing them. And this could influence both healthcare workers and patients safety.

More safety for nurses and patients. A new report published today reveals that more 1,000 registered nurses had died with Coronavirus across 44 countries. The document arrives from the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and combined the responses of national nursing associations between 30 July and 14 August 2020.

COVID-19 in nurses worldwide: what does the ICN document report?

Governments across the world are failing to prioritise nurses and other healthcare workers during the pandemic, according to the ICN.

As reported by Nursing Notes: “On average, the report reveals, 10% of all confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world are amongst nurses and other healthcare workers. This suggests that with almost 30 million people infected with the virus, as many as three million may be health workers.

Despite this, the report reveals, half of the countries surveyed do not classify COVID-19 as an occupational risk.

The ICN also highlights that healthcare worker deaths are still not being centrally recorded – meaning the total number is likely significantly higher.

Over half of the associations also reported incidents of violence against frontline health workers due to COVID-19.”


COVID-19 and nurses: this way, staff and patients safety is at risk

ICN CEO Howard Catton said, “The report’s findings add to a growing list of failures by governments to act to protect nurses and other health workers during the pandemic. By not collecting data on deaths and infections or recognising COVID-19 as an occupational disease, governments are effectively looking the other way.

“This ICN COVID-19 report coincides later this week with World Patient Safety Day which will shine further light on health workforce safety. The simple and undeniable truth is that health workforce safety and patient safety are two sides of the same coin, you cannot have one without the other.”


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