Hyperimmune plasma, or convalescent, The New England Journal: "no significant effect on patients"

Hyperimmune (or convalescent) plasma, a study published in the prestigious The New England Journal of Medicine seriously questions the usefulness of plasma as a convalescent patient in treatment against COVID-19

Hyperimmune (or convalescent) plasma, the sweat of the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires

“Convalescent plasma – write the authors of the publication, researchers of the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires – is frequently administered to patients with Covid-19 and has been reported, largely on the basis of observational data, to improve clinical outcomes. Minimal data are available from adequately powered randomized, controlled trials”.

“We randomly assigned hospitalized adult patients with severe Covid-19 pneumonia in a 2:1 ratio to receive convalescent plasma or placebo.

The primary outcome was the patient’s clinical status 30 days after the intervention, as measured on a six-point ordinal scale ranging from total recovery to death.”

The result of the study in patients who received hyperimmune or convalescent plasma?

“No significant differences were observed in clinical status or overall mortality between patients treated with convalescent plasma and those who received placebo”.

This is the result of a randomized trial on the convalescent plasma in severe pneumonia by Covid-19 published in ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’.

The research examined 228 patients, who received convalescent plasma therapy, and 105 who had a placebo.

Overall mortality was “10.96% in the convalescent plasma group and 11.43% in the placebo group,” the researchers concluded.

A Randomized Trial of Convalescent Plasma in Covid-19 Severe Pneumonia


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