Somalia, COVID 19 training passes through Italian universities: Mogadishu in cooperation with Italy

A great initiative, promoted by the Italian Aics (the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation). During the fight against COVID 19 in Somalia, the health of Mogadishu citizens can count on at least 170 doctors and operators in the front line trained, through online seminars, by experts and professors of a consortium of Italian universities, from Federico II of Naples to that of Brescia.

The initiative of training on COVID 19, promoted by the Italian Aics (the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation) in Somalia is a great step towards helpful standards of relief.

COVID 19 training in Somalia, the satisfaction of Italian Aics representative in Mogadishu

“Yesterday we held a lesson on lungs diseases, with an anatomic-pathological analysis of the damage caused in particular by COVID 19 at a cellular and systemic level”. This is what Guglielmo Giordano, representative of the Italian Aics in Mogadishu reports.

“Today, however, three clinical-therapeutic modules begin, perhaps the most-awaited ones. Awaited not only in the capital but also by those who follow connected in the positions set up in the other states of the country”. The course is promoted by the Italian Cooperation together with the Somali National University and a network of universities supported by UNESCO. According to Mr Giordano, the commitment is to continue and deepen a path started years ago, centred on the right to health and training.

“Since 2015, we have been supporting the revival of the Somali National University, which closed after the end of the Siad Barre regime in 1991, “said the representative of Aics.”

“Over the years, we opened new courses and we requested help to Italian universities. They moved suddenly and activated themselves with a union involving the best faculties and talents.” One of the challenges would be to equip the public administration with young cadres capable of replacing the current managers, graduates before 1991 and close to retirement”.

Teachers and experts from many universities are attending the seminar. From La Sapienza University to Roma Tre, from Florence to the Politecnico of Milan and Turin, from Tor Vergata in Rome to the medical department of Pavia University.


COVID 19 training in Somalia, the risk of terrorist attack

The logistics organization is not taken for granted. “Even before COVID 19, with Somalia among the most affected countries in the Horn of Africa, there were problems with moving due to the risk of terrorist attacks,” said Mr Giordano.

“For this reason, a conference room was rented in one of the safest hotels in Mogadishu, where 37 people followed yesterday; then connected 43 stations throughout Somalia, with the participation of the doctors in the front row in the recognized anti-COVID facilities “.

Among these, the Giacomo De Martino Hospital, built by the Italians during the colonial period, which became the center of national anti-coronavirus reference.




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