Innovation in Relief: Drones and Project SESAR

On Saturday, March 16th, a new Exercise was held by Rescue Drones Network Odv

This time it was the Puglia Section, in the Belvedere di Caranna – Cisternino (BR) area, which took center stage for a new event aimed at advancing the established program for experimenting with the use of U-space services, provided by @d-flight including the Network Remote ID service implemented through the TopView Company’s Drone Tracker Pollicino.

It’s worth noting that this device used for drone tracking is integrated directly with the D-Flight portal.

Rescue Drone Network OdV continues to test u-space services, enriching the pool of demonstrative activities of the SESAR @U-elcome project. This activity supports the potential and efficiency of such services for drone operations in complex environments, as will be the case for the Puglia Section of Rescue Drones Network Odv, rich in steep slopes and dense vegetation.

In the Puglian setting, our associates carried out an exercise activity, fully respecting operational standards consolidated by well-defined procedures.

A search and rescue operation of a hiker in a hilly area during daylight hours was simulated through joint operations of UAS pilot teams (Flight Team) and ground search teams (Ground Team).

The objectives were manifold:

  • Constantly increase the training of our Volunteers, also through coordinating various Departments, in the event of participation in real operational activities;
  • Verify the adherence and practical implementation of current operational procedures, in order to potentially modify them, improving the workflow;
  • Facilitate meetings among associates to continue and improve mutual knowledge and teamwork cooperation, an essential element for operating professionally to high quality standards in emergency situations.

The results obtained were very useful at multiple levels, especially in anticipation of ongoing and future planned experiments.


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