Intersection Dangers – Emergency Response Drive Training With A Simulator

Emergency Response Driver Simulator: A Safe and Effective Way to Train for Intersection Dangers

Intersections contain several potential hazards and risks for an emergency driver. The driver must assess and negotiate an intersection without risking an accident. Potential hazards, which may be pedestrians or other road users hiding behind vehicles, can stress drivers when an emergency vehicle suddenly appears on the road and react by suddenly slowing down or even coming to a complete stop, causing an accident.

There are various techniques used by emergency vehicle drivers to prevent accidents. These techniques are often impossible to test in real traffic and the risks are too great for all other road users. Or it is simply difficult to identify the potential risk during a practice drive.

fire fighting simulatorThe Tenstar Simulation emergency driving simulator is a useful and professional tool that can be used for training on this type of traffic hazard. We can create and recreate any type of traffic situation, using virtual reality, realistic graphics, artificial intelligence and professional hardware.

Training rescue drivers in safety

There are various driver training techniques used by emergency organisations around the world. Here is an example of some of the procedures that are taught during rescue driver training:


Position the emergency vehicle correctly before the intersection, slow down, maintain distance from other vehicles


Size of the intersection, pedestrians, number and types of vehicles surrounding the driver and within the intersection, possible obstacles, lighting and road and weather conditions


Within the intersection, clear lane by lane to avoid accidents with hidden road users


Remain focused even when leaving the intersection


Tenstar Simulation

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