Olmedo, a new chapter in a story of growth and innovation at REAS 2023

Olmedo presents several innovations for the safety of rescuers at REAS 2023

The company from Reggio Emilia, with its seventy-two years of experience in the production of ambulances and special vehicles, marked by continuous growth, both group and technological, presents itself at REAS 2023, with a surprise waiting to be discovered, an innovative project, created, as always, to provide rescuers with the best technology and safety of operation.

2023 is an important year for Olmedo: in recent months, in fact, the company has added another milestone to its history. After the takeover of the historic Turin body shop Mussa&Graziano in 2021, this calendar year saw the birth of Olmedo Veicoli Torino, a new production branch.

In Montichiari, this important corporate milestone will be accompanied by the latest production advancement, the official presentation of the new ambulance spoiler, the MATRIX.

We cannot totally unveil the new product, which is why the entire staff of Olmedo Spa will be waiting for you at REAS, but, like Emergency Live, we have obtained some advance information from the company on its characteristics.

This is what we managed to find out

From the combination of light and display comes MATRIX, a new spoiler concept, a new way of ‘communicating rescue’. MATRIX complements the basic lighting elements, which comply with current regulations, with important functions such as intuitive displays, dynamic arrows and integral lighting. These are not blue emergency lights but displays that communicate and inform those ‘on the road’ of what is happening on board: colour coding, flashing frequency matched to the severity of the patient, dynamic arrows on the front spoiler as well as text warning of danger/intervention when the ambulance is stationary. The rear spoiler integrates a reversing camera as standard, three-point third-stop signalling, reversing lights, cargo lights, dynamic arrows and parking sensors. Not only that: MATRIX can also be configured with high-intensity white and blue side lights to increase visibility while driving and during rescue operations.

Safety is the key word and MATRIX encapsulates all this. Unique, revolutionary and identifying.

Thus was born the spoiler of the future.

This really does seem to be a new step in helping rescuers and, like Emergency Live, we can only be pleased with this innovation.

MATRIX, however, OLMEDO informs us, will not be the only novelty to be seen at the fair.

Still on the ambulance product, in fact, we will be able to discover the new TAF LINER seats.

What are they?

INNOVATION AND SAFETY are key words that have always distinguished Olmedo in its work, to guarantee the safety of operators and patients on board its ambulances. Thus was born the new TAF LINER SEAT, equipped with the revolutionary “DBR” Dynamic Body Retention system. The Taf Liner joins the NSU LINEA 4 seat and becomes the first CAT.M1 single-seater installed on board an ambulance equipped with “double safe” seat belts, capable of transforming the “normal” pre-tensioned use of the belt into a “special” static high restraint harness when necessary. Not only that, Taf Liner integrates ISOFIX hooks for the transport of infant/pediatric restraint systems and the ‘man seated’ seat belt sensor alert system. The driver will, in this way, always be informed of what is happening in the sanitary compartment in order to manage and, if necessary, stop driving, thus guaranteeing the safety and security of all operators. Furthermore, for even more comfort, it will be possible to add seat heating with temperature management from the sanitary compartment control panel. All this enclosed in a modern and attractive restyling that is always in step with the times. 20G-certified and patented M1 category seat.

dem_REASGiven these premises, a visit to the Olmedo stand we believe should be one of the highlights of your visit to REAS 2023.

Appointment at the fair from Friday, then.


Olmedo Spa

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