Stretchers, lung ventilators, evacuation chairs: Spencer products in the booth stand at Emergency Expo

Spencer has chosen Emergency Expo: the historical company, producer of excellent products for ambulances and rescue in general, has set up a double booth at Roberts’ online exhibition

The new Spencer by Borromin is in the elite of the manufacturing companies

It can boast respectable numbers:

– 500,000 products produced every year:

– 1,180 customised moulds;

– 85,000 shipments every year;

– 48 hours is the average time for processing each order received;

– 1,000,100 hours dedicated to research, which is one of the company’s plus points. It is where the engineering of the Sala Baganza-based company takes shape with creativity and design;

– 7% turnover invested;

– 55 worldwide patents;
– 30,000 pallets in storage in specific areas for customers and maxi emergencies;

– 20,000 articles are all ready for delivery.

A guarantee for the sector’ operators.


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Emergency Expo

Spencer – sito ufficiale

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