Evacuation chairs: when the intervention does not foresee any margin of error, you can count on the Skid by Spencer

Evacuation chairs are the devices that, more than any other, tell us about an aspect of emergency interventions: there are situations in which “quickly and well” is a categorical imperative.

For this reason, the evacuation chair has appeared in the rescue world.

During an emergency, evacuation procedures cannot foresee any margin for error or loss of time: in most cases, the rescuer must already deal with important stress factors, the spread of panic being the most important.

The evacuation chair in public and high-consequence spaces

Aware of this assumption, most international legislation and intervention protocols widely applied in the world have provided for the provision of these essential devices in public spaces of interest: hospitals, nursing homes, railway stations, airports, schools, museums, shopping centers, hotels, sports facilities, offices and residential buildings.

The provision of evacuation chairs for the movement of the elderly, disabled, people unable to move independently and lightly injured has become an integral part of the risk analysis that make up an evacuation plan.

This equipment is used daily by rescuers of all categories, whether they are members of an ambulance crew or firefighters: the knowledge of its proper use will make the difference in intervention situations in which every moment counts.

We have dedicated several specific articles to this topic, available using the links at the end of the page.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular evacuation chair, the Skid by Spencer

The company Spencer, part of the Protect Medical group with its German sister Söhngen, has created this descending chair in three different models, which can provide for the movement of the patient by a single rescuer or in synergy with a colleague.

The common peculiarity through the various Skid Series models is to minimize the effort on the operator part.

The Skid models unique self-braking slides facilitate the rescuer’s work, allowing the operator to carry the patient downhill without effort or difficulty.

In descent, the effort of transport and braking is, in fact, transferred to the skidding system.

When going uphill, the extendable handles allow for effortless transportation without overloading the lumbar region.

Its simplicity also allows operations to move the elderly, disabled or slightly injured, in emergency conditions, even by those who intervene without specific preparation or physical.

This second aspect can be crucial when emergency evacuation involves facilities not strictly medical, such as school buildings or sports centres.


Evacuation chairs by Spencer, the models of the Skid Series:


The Skid-OK is an ultralight and compact evacuation chair, ideal for transfers on stairs in descent thanks to the handle on the backside and the slides equipped with straps.

The chair reaches high-quality standards thanks to innovative materials and components that make it manageable, light and easy to manoeuvre in any operating scenario without compromise.

It is, in fact, characterized by a welded and polished aluminium frame and an adjustable and reinforced seat in SPEN-TEX.

The innovative system of self-braking slides also allows the operator perfect control during the descent of the stairs.

The Skid-OK chair is equipped with two 50 mm polypropylene belts.


What immediately catches the eye about the Skid-E is the new tubular trellis swingarm, which enhances the technological design of the whole, and the transfer of the swivel wheels to the front part of the chair (a unique feature).

It is an ideal evacuation chair for transfers on stairs, thanks to the integrated slides that allow easy sliding on the steps.

The movable headrest cover is adaptable to the patient height, made of PVC, easy to sanitize.

Made of aluminium, SKID-E models are finished in silver or yellow (SKID-E Ready).




Seen in more detail, the Pro Skid-E adopts the same frame and slides as the Skid-E, but with important differences linked above all to the different use of a transport chair in relation to an evacuation chair.

In fact, a variation in the trim and weight distribution associated with the application of comfortable rear handles allow the Pro Skid-E to be used in the ascent as well.

The Pro Skid-E chair comes with two 50 mm polypropylene belts.


For more information on the functionality of Spencer’s SKID evacuation chairs, click here.



Video tutorial on emergency evacuation using skid chairs:

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