The new faces of helicopter rescue: the success of Airbus' H145s

A Leap Forward in the Air Rescue Sector Thanks to Innovative Technologies of Airbus H145 Helicopters

Innovations and Versatility of the Airbus H145

The Airbus H145 helicopter stands out in the field of air rescue due to its unique features, making it a benchmark model in the industry. With its new Helionix avionics suite, this helicopter offers an unprecedented level of safety and pilot assistance. Its versatility makes it suitable for various operational scenarios, such as offshore wind turbine work and public safety missions, thanks to its ability to rapidly transport up to 11 agents to the scene. This model, known for its reliability, also boasts a reduced main rotor diameter, making it ideal for operations close to wind turbines.

Growth and Efficiency of the H145 in the European Context

The Airbus H145 model has seen significant growth in terms of orders and usage in the European context. In 2023, Airbus Helicopters closed the year with 410 orders, including 42 H145s for the French Ministry of the Interior. In Italy, the H145 began providing HEMS services in 2022 with Babcock MCS Italia in South Tyrol and with Elifriulia in Pieve di Cadore. Advances in avionics, increased payload capacity, and modifications have made the H145 an even more efficient and safer helicopter, with a significant reduction in flight vibrations. These features have led to a significant increase in sales in Italy, confirming operators’ preference for this model.

The Use of the H145 in Switzerland and its Importance in High Mountain Rescue

In Switzerland, the Swiss Air Rescue Guard (Rega) has decided to renew its entire fleet with 21 Airbus H145 five-bladed helicopters between 2024 and 2026. This choice responds to the need for a homogeneous fleet of highly efficient helicopters for high mountain missions and the transport of intensive care patients. The new H145 is characterized by its power, the ability to fly in challenging conditions, and a spacious cabin for medical equipment. Rega, which provides 24/7 rescue services, has emphasized the importance of a reliable fleet, with helicopters that can operate optimally even at high altitudes.

The Role of the H145 in Helicopter Rescue in Italy

In Italy as well, the H145 has found a significant role in helicopter rescue. The Province of Trento, for example, has chosen Airbus Helicopters’ H145 to replace its old helicopters. This model, selected for its advanced technological and operational capabilities, will be used by the Helicopter Unit of the Trento Fire Brigade. The decision to invest in these modern helicopters underscores the growing importance of having efficient and reliable means for medical rescue.

In conclusion, Airbus H145 helicopters are redefining standards in the helicopter rescue sector, offering advanced and versatile solutions that meet the most challenging operational needs. With their increasing presence in Europe, these helicopters are a preferred choice for ensuring rapid, safe, and efficient rescue operations.


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