Thirty years of the Italian emergency system, the Piaggio MP3 Life Support of the Italian Red Cross presented in Rome

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Italian National Territorial Emergency Service, the Piaggio MP3 Life Support three-wheeled scooter used by the Italian Red Cross (CRI) was presented

Piaggio MP3 Life Support, the features that make it essential in some emergency interventions

Compared to a classic Piaggio MP3, the equipment includes flashing LED lights and front sirens, an electric telescopic pole with a 360° flashing LED light and highly reflective stickers.

In addition, the combination of the top case and side bags increases the load capacity to 142 litres, making the vehicle suitable for easily transporting medical equipment for pre-hospital first aid including BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advance Life Support), defibrillators, immobilization collars, medication sets, oxygen bottles, respiratory kits and infusion sets.

The Piaggio MP3 Life Support is already used by the national emergency services of several countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Australia and especially Israel, which, with over 650 vehicles at its disposal, has made it a real feather in the cap of its First Aid fleet.


The Piaggio MP3 Life Support supplied to the CRI is one of the first applications of this vehicle in the field of emergency in Italy

This has become possible thanks to the amendments to the Highway Code made in the text converting DL121 at the end of 2021, which allow, among other things, motorbikes to be used for first medical emergency services (transport of medical personnel and medical supplies).

Thanks to the small size typical of a scooter, combined with the safety and stability that characterise the Piaggio MP3 Life Support, intervention times are reduced, thus being able to make a difference in first aid situations where timeliness is essential.

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