A bit of Italy in Israel: 500 Piaggio MP3s in the MDA network

Today we are talking about a little bit of Italian pride. No, football has nothing to do with it: we’re talking about the Piaggio MP3 and its importance in Israel’s emergency rescue system

Do you know which is the most functional, versatile and suitable vehicle for first aid in Israel? Is the one capable of saving your life if you feel ill in the Tel Aviv market or have an accident on the streets of Old Jerusalem? This is it: a Piaggio MP3

MP3 because, precisely, it has three wheels.

The two front wheels are mounted on suspensions known in technical jargon as “articulated wishbone” and allow the vehicle to lean into bends like a classic motorbike, but at the same time offer exceptional road-holding even on the most challenging surfaces.

This mechanical device allows efficiency and versatility: MP3 has the capacity of a small car, the agility of a motorbike and excellent road holding on all types of surfaces.

The perfect vehicle for city centres, but for rural areas, too: parks, beaches, mountain roads… It stops at nothing.

But, above all, it becomes a vital tool when piloted by a trained rescuer. It is for providing first aid in those minutes that make all the difference to a patient.

That’s why MDA has purchased 500 of them, creating an entire network of rescuers ready to intervene aboard these scooters, all equipped with Basic Life Support Defibrillation (BLSD) equipment.

In order to maximise the efficiency of the first aid vehicles, MDA has also installed a computerised system on the motorbikes that triangulates emergency calls via GPS: the operations centre cross-checks the vehicles organisation’s fleet and drives the nearest vehicle to the scene, reducing the average intervention time to around 4 minutes.


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The many reasons why MDA Israel chose the Piaggio MP3

Israel sent us the last two years operation sheet of one of these vehicles (from May 2019 to June 2021).
The numbers are impressive: the scooter and its rider based in Rishon LeTzion were involved in 2,284 rescue calls.

Of these, most (934) were medical emergencies involving adults, 773 injuries of various kinds, 320 road accidents, 82 paediatric emergencies, 67 victims of violence… A fundamental contribution to saving lives in Israel.

And it all starts from Pontedera in Tuscany.

Remember, however, that even if it is sturdy and efficient, not even the MP3 scooter is eternal, and after so many kilometres, it too needs spare parts or to be replaced.

Please, help us to bring another bit of Italy to the streets of Israel! Thank you!

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