6 weeks in hospital for COVID-19, his bill amounts to $1.9M

A piece of news which shocked the State of New York. A man living in NYC was hospitalized for COVID-19 44 days, spending 23 of those in intensive care (ICU). The family received a bill of $1,881,500.

The insurance company of Mazzara’s family (allegedly the surname of the hospitalized man) was given the bill for the weeks of hospitalization of their customer and the total amount is terrific. $1,881,500 to be treated from COVID-19 and for being in ICU for many days, too.

The first piece of news has been published by the Wall Street Journal. The total cost includes $867,000 in bills that the insurance company disputes. Apparently, the insurance company started a negotiation with the hospital and after some discounts requests, the final bill amounts to $178,200. It seems that the amount is not the final bill and could change.

However, the initial bill for a COVID-19 hospitalization, which is a pandemic, so nobody could have foreseen that, was scary.

On social media, many quoted Shannon Carson from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, who allegedly reported “Critical care is one of the most costly services a hospital provides. It’s a huge problem at the family level but a pretty substantial cost element for the health-care system also.”.


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