COVID-19, Chile reaches record levels in Latin America: over 251,000 PCR tests performed per million inhabitants

COVID-19, Chile shines in a particularly important aspect of coronavirus control, that of performing diagnostic tests on the population. According to a daily report by Worldometer, the next will be Peru with 144,000 tests per million inhabitants, Colombia with 112,000, and Brazil with 102,000.

In the report about the Coronavirus pandemic’ situation in Chile by La Moneda, health authorities reported that the evolution of cases in the southern municipalities of the country hasn’t been favorable.

In particular, Health Minister Enrique Paris said that “we are issuing a warning of concern to the municipalities of Hualpén, Talcahuano, Concepción and San Pedro de la Paz, because we are seeing worrying figures”, against, he said that ” Puerto Montt and Osorno are seeing a slight improvement.”

Emergency COVID-19, Chile emerges for the PCR test report compared to the overall population

Despite this and in global terms, according to a daily report by Worldometer,Chile is in 19th place in the global grid of Covid-19’s cases, which means that “the number of positive cases has decreased compared to the rest of the world,” explained the Minister of Health, adding that the country “has gone from fourth to eighth place in terms of deaths per million inhabitants in the world, which deserves recognition for the people who are working to save more lives and control the pandemic,” stressed yet the minister.

Also, these daily statistics have shown that Chile has set the record in Latin America with 251,473 tests per million inhabitants carried out, “the rest of the countries are far away, the nearest has 144,000, 905 tests per million inhabitants,” said Minister Paris.

Covid-19 in Chile, the daily report recounts the goodness of the road that passes through PCR tests

Alberto Dougnac, Undersecretary of Health Networks, provided data on the pandemic in the country, reporting 1,331 new cases of COVID-19, of which 848 correspondings to symptomatic and 441 asymptomatic people.

The total number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 in the country reaches 532,604, of which 9,374 are active.

The number of cases recovered is 508,067.

In terms of deaths, according to information provided by the Department of Statistics and Health Information (DEIS), in the last 24 hours 44 have been recorded for causes associated with COVID-19.

The total number of deaths in the country is 14,863.

To date, 724 people have been admitted to intensive care.

577 of them, said the authority, are on mechanical ventilation support and 79 are in critical health condition.

As far as the Integrated Healthcare Network is concerned, a total of 338 ventilators are available for patients who need them, regardless of the region in which they are located.

As for the network of laboratories and diagnostic capacity, yesterday the results of 37,329 PCR tests were reported, reaching a total of 4,860,006 tests analyzed nationwide to date.

The number of healthcare residences available is 146 with 10,463 places.

To date, there are 5,281 users in all country regions.

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