COVID-Organics flies again to Chad, the herbal "remedy" to COVID-19 launched by Madagascar's President

The herbal “remedy” against COVID-19 launched by Madagascar’s President in May is becoming famous all over the planet. Especially in Central African countries, like Chad. Various nations’ leaders are requesting the “miraculous” drink.

As we already wrote in a previous article (link at the end of the page) Madagascar’s President launched a drinkable “remedy” to treat COVID-19. Now many countries in Africa are requesting lots of CVO (COVID-Organics) which is the name of that drink.

CVO, COVID remedy by Madagascar, second delivery in Chad

In May, the Republic of Chad requested the first supply of COVID-Organics remedy. Last week, Madagascar sent to Chad another round of COVID-Organics. President Rajoelina said the second donation was because of the positive effects the first achieved in the Central African country.

Other curative and preventive types of the herbal remedy were carted off by a Chadian delegation. We are talking about around 20,000 doses.


COVID remedy: the situation of COVID-19 in Chad and in Madagascar

According to the John Hopkins University data, Chad is one of the least impacted countries in the Central African region. According to the John Hopkins University tallies, it has 854 confirmed cases with 74 deaths.

On the other hand, Madagascar’s statistics include 1,378 confirmed cases, 12 deads.


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Herbal COVID-19 “remedy” flies to Chad from Madagascar


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