New CRI Multipurpose Center: Solidarity and Reconstruction in the Marche Region

Italian Red Cross Inaugurates Multipurpose Center in Valfornace: A Lighthouse of Hope and Rebirth Post-Earthquake

Resilience and solidarity are key elements in emergency and crisis situations.

The Italian Red Cross (ICRC) took another important step forward in supporting communities affected by the 2016 earthquake in the Marche region with the inauguration of the Valfornace Multipurpose Center. This center represents not only a physical structure, but also a tangible symbol of hope and recovery for the people who experienced the devastation caused by that tragic event.

Rosario Valastro, president of CRI, stressed the importance of responding to the needs of communities, making territories places where people can enjoy a better quality of life and build stronger social ties. The new center in Valfornace is the 11th work carried out by the Red Cross in the areas affected by the earthquake, and Valastro announced additional projects for the future, confirming the organization’s ongoing commitment to supporting these areas.

During the inauguration, President Valastro expressed gratitude toward Red Cross volunteers, calling them the true souls of community assistance. These individuals have represented hope in times of extreme hardship, supporting and bringing comfort to those in need.

Extraordinary Commissioner for the 2016 earthquake reconstruction, Guido Castelli, stressed the importance of providing inclusive and sustainable services in the central Apennines, creating welcoming spaces where citizens feel part of a community. The opening of the Maria Ciccotti Multipurpose Center in Valfornace takes on profound significance in this perspective.

The opening ceremony saw the involvement and support of several institutional figures. The President of the Marche Region, Francesco Acquaroli, thanked the Red Cross for its contribution not only to the construction of the facility, but also for making volunteers key reference points for local communities.

An additional gesture of generosity was the donation of an Electronic Assistive Device (AED) for adult and pediatric use by the Camerino CRI Committee to the municipality of Valfornace. This device, donated by Poste Italiane, complements the cardioprotection network implemented by the CRI in areas affected by the earthquake.

The construction of the Valfornace Multipurpose Center was made possible thanks to the support of Esselunga and the Lucca Committee of the Red Cross. These partnerships testify to the importance of collaboration between public and private sectors in facilitating reconstruction and supporting communities in times of crisis.



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