The first COVID-19 vaccine patent arrives from China

China announces that it has the first approved patent for a possible vaccine to COVID-19


Flash-news from China: a possible COVID-19 vaccine patent is arriving!

First patent approved in China for a possible COVID-19 vaccine. This has been reported in Beijing by consistent sources of information, from China Central Television to the English-language newspaper Global Times.

The medical preparation, called Ad5-nCoV, was developed by the CanSino Biologics group together with the Institute of Biotechnology of the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

According to the Global Times, the approval of the patent is a sign of the “effectiveness of the vaccine” and could pave the way for mass production in the event of a new wave of the epidemic.

The race for the COVID-19 vaccine: the stages in other states

First the USA, then Great Britain and Italy, followed by India and Russia and now China. At a global level, almost all states are carrying out tests and research in order to develop an COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. A pandemic is certainly not an everyday occurrence, counting that one has not been seen for more than a century.

In any case, the race is such that the WHO is taking it slow with the approvals. Let’s take the case of Russia. Claiming to have a hypothetical vaccine is not enough. They need many tests, and China has reached the milestone of the patent, which bodes well for the outcome of subsequent tests.





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