Ukraine under attack, rescuers' instructions to citizens in case of building or house collapse

What to do if your house collapses? In Ukraine, rescuers give instructions to their fellow citizens, forced to live with the bombardment of the Russian army

House or building collapse: instructions from rescuers in Ukraine

“In conditions of continuous hostilities and shelling of residential areas, there is a risk of finding oneself under the rubble of a house.

Therefore, every Ukrainian should know what to do in such a case and how to save himself”.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine has prepared an instruction that will help save lives in such a situation.

Ukraine, two scenarios are defined in the rescuers’ instructions: when you can report your location and when no one can hear you

“To begin with,” the rescuers write, “you should try to contact the rescuers or people outside.

Try shouting or calling them and tell them where you are and what condition you are in (are there wounds, bleeding, fractures, etc.).

Then you have to calm down and wait for the debris to clear.

If no one can hear you, try to free your arms and legs first. To do this, look around and assess the situation.

Make sure that your movements do not cause more damage and do not cause another collapse.

After that, carefully dismantle what you get.

If you cannot do this or are not sure of your abilities, it is better to ask for help and wait to be heard.

If you do not have the possibility to contact the rescuers by phone, try other ways: knocking on batteries, tubes, shouting.

If you are still not heard, try carefully clearing away the rubble around you.

Once free, examine yourself carefully for any injuries.

If necessary and possible, give first aid.

It is important to protect yourself from hypothermia while waiting for rescuers.

Inspect the surrounding area, wear clothes, dry rags or other tissues.

Simple plastic bags retain heat well.

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