COVID-19 in Spain - Ambulance responders are afraid of a coronavirus rebound

Spanish ambulance responders fear a rebound of COVID-19. Now that the entire world is facing a phase of rehab, the ghost of the virus is always present. Many ambulance responders, paramedics and nurses are fearing to get the infection.

Emergency ambulance responders must not let their guard down against COVID-19. This is the important thing to do. We already have spoken about the importance of healthcare operators’ behavor with colleagues and patients inside the ambulance. Today we report the fear of many ambulance crews who fear the infection and what is the situation in Spain.

The virus is out there, and there is nothing to do. It will not disappear even if the Governement say everything will be alright. Ambulance responders are exhausted and, in particular, ambulance services in Madrid, the centre of COVID-19 outbreak, are afraid to get the infection.

No one in Spain saw a pandemic throughout the country. They already repatriated some citizen infected with Ebola some years before, but even if ambulance crews know how to behave with infections, dealing with a pandemic is very different. Plus, ambulance responders feel that Spanish citizens are not aware of what is really  going on and how dangerous it is.



During the full power of COVID-19, Spanish ambulance services treated and transported hundreds of thousands of people with coronavirus symptoms and the daily emergency calls arrived sometimes at three times or more the normal level.

The matter that made many ambulance workers going mad is that there were not enough resources for everyone in need. Ambulance operators triaged one patient, taking him/her to the medical facility, and leaving another one in need at home with COVID-19 symptoms. That was heartbreaking but it was so.

The wearying shifts, the fear and anxiety are now impeding ambulance responders to sleep, even if the situation is now losing pressure. The most important thing now, for ambulance responders, paramedics, nurses, EMTs, is trying to find mental quiteness, even if it is more than difficult.



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