Earthquake bag, the essential emergency kit in case of disasters: VIDEO

The earthquake bag or emergency kit for disasters like an earthquake, flood and wildfires has to be always ready.

The earthquake bag content is going to facilitate not only the rate of survival of us and our family but also the possibility of rescuers to intervene successfully.

Earthquake bag for our survival

The kit to be ready during a disaster, rather than floods or other cataclysms, allows a rapid evacuation from a site, from a house, but also a better survival in them if the same evacuation is impossible.

Spreading culture on the emergency kit among children

Our editorial team had the idea to realize a short video suitable for children, in order to facilitate the dissemination of earthquake bag.
The culture of collective emergency response and first aid to a problem, as COVID-19 has taught us, mitigates the effects of a disaster, significantly reducing the number of deaths and injuries it causes.

Earthquake bag – VIDEO BELOW



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