A Cookbook for Air Ambulance! - The idea of 7 nurses for their missed colleague

John Hinds was an anaesthetist and he believed in the Air Ambulance Service in Northern Ireland which has bee settled in 2017. After his tragic death, his colleagues wanted to keep his memory alive by sustaining the Air Ambulance Service with the launch of a cookbook.

Fundraising to support the air ambulance. That’s what a team of nurses did in memory of their colleague that passed away in a tragic incident for saving lives.

John Hinds was a 35-year-old flying doctor of motorbike road racing and he tragically lost his life in 2015 because of a motorcycle crash while providing a volunteer medical cover in Dublin. He was also a consultant anaesthetist and intensive care consultant, and he was loved by his colleagues.

He loved life and as many colleagues understood how much important it is. That’s why he was always dedicated to lifesaving operations, not only at the Craigavon Area Hospital, where he worked but also at motor races all over Northern Ireland. He was always focused on improving care standards.

After his death, the staff who worked with him was decided to start a funding project to keep his memory alive. That’s why 7 colleagues thought to launch a cookbook to collect funds to maintain the air ambulance Delta 7 in Northern Ireland.

The book is called “The NHS Heroes Family Favourite Recipes“, almost sold out its first print run of 1,500 in a matter of weeks. Indeed it gathers the favourite receipt of many hospital operators which contributed with enthusiasm to this initiative.

Christine Taylor, another colleague who has been helping with the recipe book and fundraising,  also worked with John in the hospital. She played a huge part in developing the cookbook by persuading many of the companies who supply the hospital to sponsor a page.

All of this to sustain the air ambulance service, which is very important for the territory, but also, it was so important to John.

Before the start of operations in July 2017, Northern Ireland was the only part of the UK without an emergency helicopter service. Every day, the outcomes in saving lives improve. It works in partnership with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, which provides the medical teams on board the helicopter.




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