Ukraine emergency: from the USA, the innovative HEMS Vita Rescue System for the rapid evacuation of injured people

Innovative system for the rapid evacuation of injured persons brought to Ukraine from the USA: the Vita Rescue System

Innovative Vita Rescue System, worth over $500,000, brought to Ukraine from the USA

It enables faster and safer evacuation by air, even from the battlefield.

With this system, it takes two minutes instead of 20 to remove the wounded by helicopter.

Caleb Carr, CEO of Vita Inclinata Technologies, spoke about it at a briefing on 12 April at the Ukraine Media Center.

According to Carr, with the help of this development, removing injured people from helicopters takes two minutes instead of the usual 20: the system, installed on a helicopter, helps stabilise the medical stretcher attached to the aircraft.

Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter to be equipped with Vita Rescue system

And tomorrow, 13 April, there will be a training course for SES employees.

The training will last from 4 to 6 hours, because, according to the developer, the use of the Vita Rescue System is extremely simple.

Caleb Carr said he lost a friend once because the rescue was not performed correctly.

This prompted him to work in the field of medical evacuation: hence the Vita Rescue System

When war broke out in Ukraine, he couldn’t step aside.

“When we saw what was happening here, we were deeply moved, because our company’s mission is to save lives.

So we want to use our tools where life is most in need of saving.

In Ukraine, we have been working to help the wounded since the beginning of the war and we will continue to work until the end,” said Caleb Carr.

The businessman added that he communicates with the Ukrainian government and is constantly working on innovative solutions in various fields, because he wants Ukraine to be the first to receive developments that will not be close to Russia.

The Vita Rescue System is now in service with the United States Air Force.

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