Firetruck and future, new arrival at Allison Transmission Italy

Emergency Live meets Simone Pace, the new Italian sales manager of Allison Transmission, the leading company in the truck automatic transmission sector, which has always been a reference point for fire brigade vehicles

Dear readers of Emergency Live, today we came to the Turin headquarters of Allison Transmission to meet in person Simone Pace, the new Italian sales manager of the company that has always been close to the world of rescue services, especially firefighters, thanks to its high-performance automatic transmissions for trucks.

Simone joined Allison a few months ago and, as Emergency Live, we decided to come and meet him and find out from him the near future in the world of firetrucks for the Indianapolis-based giant, in Italy and beyond.

Allison Transmission Firetruck“Simone, a warm welcome from Emergency Live and all its readers. We know that you have recently taken the helm of Allison Italia and so, with great pleasure, we ask you to introduce yourself, tell us something about yourself and how you arrived at this position.”

“Good afternoon to you all and thank you for the welcome. Yes, as mentioned, I have been with Allison Transmission for a few months now, in a dual role. The first is that of account manager for the Iveco group, the second of Area Sales Manager for the Italian market. Through this dual function, my goal is to expand the Allison market in Italy as much as possible and at the same time develop products within the context of the Iveco brand. Prior to this experience, I worked for seven years in the automotive sector, first in a technical role and then in the commercial branch, with some marketing notes.”

“Definitely a very good presentation. Simone, the readers of Emergency Live are very familiar with the Allison Transmission product, in particular the full electric truck made in collaboration with Emergency One. The full electric, today, is an extremely topical issue, in the entire field of transport. In your opinion, is this also the future for vehicles that will have to perform services in the emergency sector? Is this what Allison is also aiming for?”

“This application best represents how the innovative products developed by our brand can marry the concept of sustainability. In this case our E-GEN POWER, a full electric axle, was easily fitted inside this truck thanks to its extreme adaptability, bringing high performance combined with reliability and manoeuvrability. In the next few years, however, more conventional cab trucks will continue to play a leading role. This is because the emergency sector may take longer to transition to fully electric vehicles. Even for firetrucks, the transformation, in fact, requires new outfitting solutions, to which time and specific studies must be dedicated in order to comply with very strict standards.”

Allison Transmission Iveco Truck“In concrete terms then, what will your market goals be in the near future? In what does the collaboration with the Iveco brand consist?”

“Over the past few years, a journey has been undertaken to make Allison Transmission known to both end users and local authorities, to make them aware of the advantages over manual or automated transmissions, such as acceleration amplified by the torque converter, a power transmission with no interruption in gear shifting, an optional hydraulic retarder and an ease of driving that does not distract the operator. This knowledge of our products still has to grow, to reach a larger audience. The other objective is to consolidate existing relationships with those who have already placed their trust in us. The Italian market, in particular, has believed in us a lot in recent years, especially in the fire-fighting sector. That is why we think we can grow further.”

“Will there be any news or updates to the products?”

Allison Transmission Firetruck 1“Our collaborations are the basis for getting insights both from those who use the equipment in the field and from the manufacturers. Some of these are guiding us towards even better electronic management of the transmissions, to adapt them to the conditions of use. This would allow us to develop more extreme vehicles, for example for forestry or otherwise rough terrain. The experience of the Dakar, where the first ten trucks all had fully automatic Allison transmissions, makes us believe that the results will be excellent.”

At this point our time with Simone Pace has unfortunately come to an end.

We thank him again for his availability, and as Emergency Live we will not fail to discover all the innovations that Allison Transmission will bring to the world of firetrucks and emergency in general, because rescue always needs the best technology.

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