identiFINDER R225: The Cutting-Edge Personal Radiation Detector

Revolutionizing Radiation Detection: The Advanced Features of the Teledyne FLIR device

Teledyne FLIR Defense has taken a significant leap forward in radiation detection technology with the introduction of the identiFINDER R225, the latest addition to their spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD) lineup. This groundbreaking device builds upon the success of its predecessor, the R200, while incorporating valuable customer feedback to enhance its features and functionalities.

Designed primarily for emergency responders, the identiFINDER R225 is a compact electronic device that serves as a vital tool for detecting radioactive material and radiation level fluctuations. It plays a dual role as a safety device and a defense measure against the illicit transport of radioactive substances.

One of the most impressive aspects of the R225 is its state-of-the-art 18mm cubic CsI detector with SiPM (G/GN) technology. This innovative detector offers unparalleled sensitivity and the capability to identify specific radionuclides accurately. For those seeking even higher resolution, an option for an LaBr(Ce) spectroscopic detector (LG/LGN) with ≤3.5% resolution is available.

Incorporating user feedback into its design, Teledyne FLIR has made several enhancements to the R225. The device now boasts a brighter and more colorful display, ensuring optimal visibility, even in bright sunlight or when wearing polarized sunglasses. A newly designed holster enables operators to view the screen without removing the unit, making it more convenient and user-friendly. The holster securely attaches to belts or vests, allowing the R225 to be quickly inserted or removed.

Furthermore, the identiFINDER R225 is equipped with modern features such as built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS capabilities, which enable seamless data transfer and tracking. It streams data at a rate of 1Hz, providing real-time information to responders. Additionally, the R225 will support multiple languages through planned software updates, ensuring accessibility to a broader user base.

Battery life is a critical concern for emergency responders, and the R225 addresses this with a 30+ hour battery life. It also incorporates a hot-swappable backup feature, allowing users to swap out batteries during extended missions easily. This ensures uninterrupted operation, as commercially available batteries can be used in the field.

Compliance with industry standards is paramount, and the identiFINDER R225 meets ANSI N42.48 SPRD compliance as well as MSLTD 810g Salt/Fog compliance, ensuring that it adheres to rigorous safety and performance requirements.

Clint Wichert, Director of Technologies for Integrated Detection Systems, expressed the company’s commitment to its customers, stating, “As our customers spoke, we listened. The identiFINDER R225 represents significant improvements over the previous generation in almost every area. It demonstrates our continued commitment to building products our heroes can rely on to keep them safe and informed about the radiological threats around them.”

For more detailed information, including datasheets and product specifications, visit the official Teledyne FLIR website.

The identiFINDER R225 is poised to revolutionize radiation detection, providing emergency responders with a powerful and reliable tool to protect lives and safeguard against radiological threats.

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