INTERSCHUTZ: Fire prevention, JOB Group present its new products

Safety without compromise: The JOB Group presents its new products at Interschutz 2015

–        JOB Thermo Bulbs demonstrates what their award-winning Extinguishing Bulb (E-Bulb) and Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher (AMFE) can do with some impressive experiments

–        JOB Detectomat presents new developments to the dc3500 fire alarm control panel

Ahrensburg, Germany, 5 June 2015 – The JOB Group, suppliers of systems in the field of fire prevention for facility equipment, fire suppression and thermally activated glass bulbs for automatic sprinklers, is presenting its products at Interschutz in Hanover from 8–13 June 2015. The JOB Group will be there with a newly designed stand at G13 in hall 13.

In keeping with the slogan displayed on their stand: ‘JOB: Simply. More. Safety.’, interested visitors and representatives of the press can find out more about the latest developments to the dc3500 fire alarm control panel launched in the autumn of last year. JOB Thermo Bulbs is performing a number of experiments to demonstrate what thermally controlled glass bulbs and miniature fire extinguishers can do in industrial facilities, cars and electrical equipment.

JOB Thermo Bulbs Live!

In industrial facilities and vehicles, there are already huge numbers of them in use: thermally activated glass bulbs for automatic sprinklers, developed in house by JOB Thermo Bulbs. The keys to its outstanding thermal responsivity are its unique design, liquid (also patented) and the strength of the glass bulbs themselves. Thermally activated glass bulbs of this type are frequently used in the fire suppression industry and in the shipping, aviation and automotive industries. The Extinguishing Bulb, or E-Bulb for short, that puts out fires starting in electrical circuits, and the Automatic Mini Fire Extinguisher (AMFE) are the latest products to save lives, valuable assets and investments.

Bodo Müller, Managing Director at JOB Thermo Bulbs: “When it comes to sprinkler systems, in Germany we clearly have some catching up to do when compared to the USA and other European regions. Large scale industrial facilities are already very well protected. For private homes, for example, this is still a long way from being the case. The large number of recalls of household electrical equipment presenting fire hazards over the last few months is just one example of many. Here on our stand, we will perform some impressive experiments to show how quickly fires of this type can spread and what dangers they present.”

The AMFE (Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher) offers protection from fire to clearly defined areas of this type in industry, the home and in consumer electronics. The AMFE can detect and extinguish a fire inside the device itself, preventing the fire from spreading at all.

Bodo Müller sums up: “It’s a complex area where there is a need for a great deal of educational work to be done in both industry and the population at large.  The cost of installing fire suppression systems of this type is often overestimated. Let me put it a little more provocatively: the potential damage to lives, investments and not least to your reputation should be set against costs similar to those for laying a fitted carpet.”

New developments in the dc3500 fire alarm control panel

There is a clear trend in fire protection designs and fire protection systems: designers, producers and installers of systems for fire protection and fire protection products are increasingly going over to securing whole facilities rather than just individual sub-sections.

Götz Gieselmann, Managing Director at JOB Detectomat: “The newbie in our portfolio is the dc3500, a completely new type of fire alarm control panel that we showcased for the first time in the autumn of 2014. Since then it has already repeatedly proved its worth in practice, and we are pleased to be in a position to demonstrate new functionalities in time for Interschutz.”

The dc3500 is based on a standard operating system (embedded Linux) and is scalable in all directions. To meet the requirements for fire protection today and to be able to integrate a number of works areas, the system has open interfaces and complex algorithms that help it to detect fires and reliably tell real fires from false alarms. And in matters of safety, the dc3500 sets new standards. Each dc3500 has its own little fire extinguisher, the AMFE (Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher). This miniature fire extinguisher puts out a fire before it even starts. This guarantees that valuable system data, such as event log memory which documents the entire operating process and also site-specific programming and settings, are protected and preserved in the event of a fire.


More ‘intrinsic qualities’ of the dc3500:

–        The user can programme up to 10,000 control commands and define the respective trigger signals.

–        This system is complex but not complicated: it is easy to install and intuitive to use.

–        The configuration, testing for software, plausibility, installation and standards all follow the one-click philosophy and the enabled components are simultaneously configured.

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