Conflict in Ukraine, French rescuers and volunteers provide an ambulance and humanitarian aid for Vinnytsia

Ukraine: an ambulance has been delivered to the Vinnytsia region by French volunteers and rescuers, who also sent medicines and other humanitarian aid

Donation to Vinnytsia (Ukraine) by La Ruche and Le Silo volunteers

La Ruche et Le Silo donated not only humanitarian aid (food and personal care products, medicines and blankets, first aid kits and powerful car inverters), but also a Renault ambulance and additional ambulance equipment).

The ambulance will be placed at the disposal of the Military Medical Clinic of the Central Region, and the humanitarian cargo will be distributed as needed. The French NGO plans to deliver two more ambulances.

Gift from France to Vinnytsia (Ukraine): VOA President Serhiy Borzov said on Facebook:

“We thank France for its support.

Demonstrations are taking place in Normandy in support of Ukraine and its opposition to Russian armed aggression.

And today the Paris Council voted unanimously for honorary citizenship of the city of Kiev – for the first time the award was given to the city, not to a person.”

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