Odessa, twin city Marseille sends two more ambulances to bombed-out Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is hitting Odessa hard as it has received two ambulances from its French sister city Marseille

Ukraine ambulances arrive in Odessa from Marseille, southern France

Two ambulances arrived in Odessa from Marseille, one of which was an all-terrain vehicle.

In them are all the equipment and medical products needed for a high level of emergency intervention.

Marcel Benoit Payan had previously sent three ambulances, the fire truck, medical equipment and medicines to Odessa.

Odessa Mayor Gennady Trukhanov thanked Mayor Marcel Benoit Payan for his help and support: ‘Ukraine is at war.

We need help more than ever.

And we feel it.

We feel your help, your care and your experiences.

Together we will win!”

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