Coronavirus in the UK, where is Boris during COVID-19 spread throughout the island?

COVID-19 is not about to stop its race. With no exception. Coronavirus in the UK is the consequences of its fast spread. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his scientific advisor do not seem too much concerned. The backlash of many people who ask “where is Boris?” points out the scepticism on the Government manoeuvres.

The total of declared coronavirus cases in the UK amounts to 1,391, with a daily number of confirmed cases equal to 330, according to the COVID-19 Cases Update of the Public Health of England. Coronavirus in the UK is at the beginning of the outbreak, according to experts. However, the Government seems to act too softly in proportion to the virus spread. Lately, many citizens are asking “where is Boris?”.

Many expect the Government to order a shut down of all the public life, starting from the non-necessary activities and promoting web operations, like almost all the countries of the world. In addition to these expectations, – which will allegedly wait to be applied -, the declarations of the government’s chief scientific advisor, Patrick Vallance, are arising much fear and worries for the inhabitants of the UK.

His declaration seems to suggest to “broaden the peak” of COVID-19 to avoid overwhelming demand and pressure on the National Health Service (NHS), and to allow a large part of the population to build up some immunity to the virus, a strategy known as “herd immunity.”

A group of over 200 scientists wrote an open letter addressed to the Government, in particular to Prime Minister, where they show their concern about the methods of delaying social-distancing measures. In that letter, scientists explain that the unconstrained growth of COVID-19 spread, millions of people will be infected in the next few weeks.

At that point, the NHS will see a collapse under the requests of assistance and the flow of patients needing intensive care. The scientists pointed out that a ‘herd immunity’ does not seem a viable option. The suggestion is to put in place social distancing. By acting now, coronavirus infections can be dramatically slowed down.

If COVID-19 will not be limited with severe measures, the emergency allegedly lasts until 2021 and 80% of the population in the UK will probably be infected and around 8 million people will be hospitalized. The forecast is not so positive, however, all of us hope that the British government will find accommodation on this topic in order to stop the coronavirus in the UK.



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