Seven ambulances donated to Moldova through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism

Seven ambulances donated to Moldova through the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism

The ambulances, as well as other humanitarian aid, were provided to Moldova by Finland, Italy, Denmark and Austria

The aid complements the assistance that has already been offered to our country by other EU Member States.

Through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the Republic of Moldova has received humanitarian aid from Austria, amounting to €37,000, consisting of hygiene packages, tents, beds, mattresses and pillows.

Denmark donated 7 ambulances to our country, and Italy, hygiene sets, kitchen sets, diesel generators, water tanks and heaters.

Ambulances in Moldova, Lorenzo Tomassoni, Ambassador of Italy:

“Italy is funding a €10 million project aimed at strengthening the capacity of Moldova’s Migration and Asylum Office to help refugees, particularly women and children.”

Finland donated 582,000 euro to Moldovan refugees, including heated tents, bathing tents and a camp kitchen.

Janis MAZEIKS, EU Ambassador in Chisinau:

“I am grateful to all EU Member States who have already taken a step to help the Republic of Moldova meet this challenge.

The EU will continue to provide assistance in the coming weeks”.

Today’s aid replaces assistance already provided by other EU Member States, so all three states have come up with essential equipment for the life and health of the refugees.

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