Ukraine, Salesian priest's mission: "We bring medicines to Donbass"

Ukraine, the mission to bring medicines to Donbass: Father Oleh Ladnyuk is based in Dnipro, 250 kilometres from the Lugansk region, one of the two separatist republics recognised by Putin

 “Soon we will leave again for Lysychansk, in the direction of the front line in Donbass, to bring medicines and essential products for the hospital”

These are the words of Father Oleh Ladnyuk, a Salesian based in Dnipro, eastern Ukraine.

According to the cleric, who has just returned from a trip, along the road that crosses the country from east to west, columns of cars of displaced people continue to meet, forced to leave their homes because of bombings or the fear of an approaching firefight.

“Compared to a few days ago, there seem to be fewer of them, but the needs, including in terms of health, have not diminished,” Father Ladnyuk stressed.

Photographs taken today near Uman, in central Ukraine, show a devastated petrol station, a burnt lorry and the remains of a rocket.

Drugs in Donbass, defying war zones

Dnipro is a major city in eastern Ukraine.

It is about 250 kilometres from Lysychansk, further east in the Lugansk region, a territory since 2014 partly under Ukrainian control and partly under that of separatist administrations allied to Russia.

Since last Thursday, the first day of the Russian offensive, transfers have been organised from both Lysychansk and the cities of Mariupol and Avdiivka to move inhabitants away from the front line.

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