At least 8 tourists killed in Tunisia parliament attack

Exchanges of gunfire have been heard at Tunisia’s parliament building, Reuters is reporting citing the TAP state news agency. A large police presence is moving to evacuate the building, reports say. At least three gunmen have also taken hostages from nearby Bardo museum and have attacked a tourist bus in front of the museum. 8 tourist are deaths (2 of them are italian) and others are injured. Other news are under investigation.

BBC SOURCE – At least seven foreign tourists and a Tunisian have been killed after gunmen targeted a museum in the Tunisian capital, officials say.British, Italian, French and Spanish nationals were among those taken hostage, local radio reported. The shooting happened at the Bardo Museum, which is next to the parliament building in central Tunis. At the time of the attack deputies were discussing anti-terrorism legislation. Parliament has now been evacuated. “A terrorist attack [targeted] the Bardo Museum,” interior ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui told journalists. He said that the attack involved “two or more terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs”.Most tourists were evacuated but some were still believed to be inside, Mr Aroui said, adding that security forces had entered the museum.The museum, renowned for its collection of antiquities, is a major tourist attraction in Tunis.Concerns about security in Tunisia have increased as neighbouring Libya has become increasingly unstable. A large number of Tunisians have also left to fight in Syria and Iraq, triggering worries that returning militants could carry out attacks at home.

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