Civil Defense rescuer save from rubber a newborn after a bomb attack in Aleppo

Civil Defense rescuer save from rubber a newborn after a bomb attack in Aleppo

Never give up, and never give up your hope. This rescer from the Aleppo Civil Defense save a 2 month old baby, trapped under rubble after a bombing in Syria. This video, originally posted by “Aleppo Civil Defense” on their Twitter account, is enough to make you shiver, but fortunately, with a happy outcome.

During the bomb attack, a mother and her two month old baby, Mahmud Ibildi, don’t have the time to get away before the building collapses on them.
The rescue team works as fast as possible to deliver the bodies of many victims, but they are particularly difficult to locate.
This video tells the miraculous efforts of a rescuer who manages to free the little Ibildi Mahmud, 16 hours after the drama. The rescue team is pulling stones one at a time without ever getting tired. Then, a moment of grace, the child begins to cry, proving that he is alive and still able to breathe. Mahmud Ibildi is quickly saved, followed by his mother also stuck under the dust. It is quite a miracle that got recorded on this video which will make you want to believe that anything is possible.

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