airMule, Israelian made the first ambulance drone

A drive-by-wire ambulance that goes on the target automatically? Is it is possibile, that’s what an Israeli Startup create with the Urban Aeronautics project. The drone is called airMule, it is 20 feed long, over 6 feet wide and weight one ton. The AirMule is directed and controlled via a series of 200 air flaps, and can fly remotely. It cost 2.5 milion, but for now it’s not only a military vehicle. The AirMule is project for change the EMS system, starting by the ambulance service. The first ambulance drone will available and visible before 2020.


Technical Data

Civil – AirMule offers much needed capabilities to emergency responders in routine, day-to-day operations as well as in the most challenging situations such as earthquakes and floods. The ability to quickly deliver water, food and medical supplies directly to affected populations—no matter how isolated—will save lives. During nuclear, biological or chemical emergencies AirMule offers transformative assessment and response capabilities. Day to day multiple mission capability (electric grids, bridge inspection, agricultural spraying, offshore oil platform support to name a few) makes AirMule a cost effective addition to any commercial helicopter fleet.

Military – AirMule, a tactical Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) can help combatants reclaim an essential edge by enabling precise point to point logistic support and CasEvac solutions in battle conditions that are increasingly averse to conventional rotorcraft access. Today’s conflicts are increasingly defined by insurgents whose battlefields of choice are cities, villages and other environments that are inaccessible to helicopters. Supply convoys and medical teams entering these locations experience lethal threats unlike any that have been experienced in the past.

AirMule’s maneuverability, small visual footprint, low noise and reduced radar and IR signatures offer a stealth advantage that greatly enhances its effectiveness and survivability in these environments. Unmatched time to target with the unprecedented capability of CasEvac on return offers life saving potential. Simplicity of design without a complex cyclic rotor head means high reliability and low operating cost.

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