Ghe-o Rescue, all-role and all-terrain rescue vehicle

A multi-tasking vehicle able to tackle any terrain in any weather. The Rumanian company Ghe-o, specialist in the development and production of off-road vehicles, unveils Rescue, the next evolution of its Predator project. Rescue is versatile, can be widely accessorised, can move over any terrain, even water, thanks to its amphibious design.

Rescue can be fitted with a firefighting module to reach mountain fires in isolated places, or be fitted with snow plough blades and extra tyres or tracks to reach cut-off villages, re-open mountain passes after heavy snowfalls or avalanches. Rescue can be converted into an emergency ambulance, carry a team of 11 responders, pull a sleigh module. Available in petrol or diesel versions, Rescue Ghe-o takes a step forwards for off-road vehicles designed for emergency rescue in multiple scenarios. In this well-made video, here’s a taste of its characteristics and potential.

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